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Clanwar EAS (Rule changes)
LineUp 9.1

9.1.1. Clanwar EAS

Each clanwar consists of one 2on2 and four 1on1 (= five submatches). Each submatch is played in the “Best of Three” Mode. A team gains one point per submatch it wins. For every submatch a there need to be only entered 1:0. Only the first (starting) maps are already chosen for every submatch. For the second and (if needed) third map it is losers choice of map.

All Clanwars are played using the modified Davis Cup system. This means each team is allowed to seed two, three or four different players for the 1on1s, in addition to the two players that are seeded in the 2on2. The players that participate in the 2on2 can also be seeded in the 1on1s.

If a clan wants to use a player two times, it has to be done in the following way:

For the clan standing on the LEFT side of the matchdetails:

- map 1: player A

- map 2: player B

- map 3: player B

- map 4: player A

- 2on2: player X and Y

For the clan standing on the RIGHT side of the matchdetails:

- map 1: player A

- map 2: player B

- map 3: player A

- map 4: player B

- 2on2: player X and Y

Matches 9.2

9.2.1. agreements

All agreements have to be written into the matchcomments and need to be approved by both clans. Agreements that were made via ICQ, mail etc. are not valid. For a protest only matchcomments and the protest comments are taken into account.

9.2.2. Not showing up for a clanwar

If a player that was seeded on the ESL page does not show up at least 30 minutes after the clanwar starts the opposing clan can claim DefWin for this submatch via protest ticket. Not showing up for a clanwar (No or incomplete lineup)

If a clan does not enter a lineup for the clanwar at least 30 minutes before the clanwar starts it receives 3 penalty points for not showing up. Please report via protest or support ticket.

9.2.3. Host

Grundsätzlich sollte auf einem neutralen, für beide Spieler akzeptablen Host gespielt werden. Können die Spieler sich nicht auf einen Host einigen, kann von den Admins ein Host bestimmt werden.

The host for a match should be neutral and provide an acceptable connection for both players. If however the players cannot agree on a host, an admin can decide on a host.

9.2.4. Observer

Basically observers are allowed only if both players agree. Exception to this rules are ESL admins and people that are explicitly allowed to observe by an admin (e.g. shoutcasters or streamer). Under no conditions it is allowed to play with referees.

9.2.5 Pausing the game

If a player pauses a game he/she has to memtion a reason for the interruption and how long it will approximately take. The game can only be resumed by the player that paused the game after he/she asks his opponent if he/she is ready.

Violation of this rule are handled as unsportsmannship and can lead to a regame.

9.2.6. Interruptions between maps/matches

If a team does not play a (sub)match for more than at least 20 minutes without permission by the opposing team this team has to make a protest. Such a delay can be handled as match abortion and lead to default loss or even penalty points.

Violation of this rule is handled as unsportsmanship.

9.2.7. Disconnections

If a player or host disconnects before the first contact happened (including scouting) there has to be a regame and the match is hosted again.

If the player disconnects after the first contact of the enemy it is a default loss for the disconnected player unless the opponent gives agrees to give a regame. In special cases an admin can decide on a regame or even a default win for the dropped player (e.g. if one player has an very big advantage)

9.2.8. Rehost

In a rehosted game each player has to chose the same race as he/she picked in the disconnected game.

9.3 Rules of engagement

9.3.1 Barred players

Barred players (according to their level of penalty points) do not have permission to participate in clanwars even if the opposing team allows it.

Barrage because of inactivity last the whole 5 days for the clanwar EAS, but they can be neglected if the opponent agrees.

9.4. Wildcards

9.4.1. Clanwar Ladder

Each team is allowed to move one submatch for up to seven days using a wildcard. A wildcard can only be used if this is done until 60 minutes after the lineup is available on the ESL site by writing it into the matchcomments. (e.g. „we postpone the submatch echo isle“)

The teams have to agree within 24 hours after a wildcard has been used on a new date and write the new date into the matchcomments. The team that used the wildcard has to provide at least two suggestions for the match.
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